Flag 3D Screensaver

Flag 3D Screensaver

With Flag 3D Screensaver, you will get immersed in a patriotic spirit!
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With Flag 3D Screensaver, you will undoubtedly get immersed in a patriotic spirit!
We can say that the flag is one of the most patriotic symbols for any country. Even since ancient times, a real patriot would rather die than allow his country's flag to be captured. During the Medieval Ages, a war did not end until one of the flags was captured by the enemy. It was a real shame for a nation's leader to run away leaving his flag behind. The flag has also been a very important issue regarding political debates and sometimes even wars!

There are around 500 flags in the world, representing nations, states, regions and provinces.

Nowadays there are a lot of strict rules regarding many aspects of the flag. Ceremonies, how the flag is saluted, how it is folded and displayed, show us the importance of our flag. Probably it is the symbol mostly honoured by a country and its inhabitants.

In Flag 3D Screensaver you will be able to enjoy the pictures of many flags from around the world.

Install this Flag 3D Screensaver to show your love for your country, its history and its people!

After registration you will not get the nag screen, you will receive technical support via e-mail, and free upgrades to newer versions.

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